Fast Land Rig Designed for Drilling Contractors & Rig Movers

Drill multiple well pads with the Rocket Rig

Portable, fast, and safe, the patented Rocket Rig provides a compact and simple system that can be transported in as few as 12 truck loads. Proven to perform well on multiple well pads and drill extended reach wells, Veristic's fast land rig uses a straight bull line that eliminates reaving. Traveling block and top drive on this land rig are both contained within the top mast section for ease of transport and rig up. Once the land rig is assembled, the drill floor and rig mast are raised simultaneously, in one single shot.

Land Rig Designed to Increase Output and Reduce Cost

Advantages of the Rocket Rig include reduced operating costs, fewer truck loads, shorter rig up and mobilization time, and less maintenance costs over the lifetime of the rig. Designed with the “form follows function” philosophy, our fast land rig has a spacious drill floor, uses less drive pins, and allows for ground level assembly. This land rig was designed with the mast raising system and mast starter section integrated into the unitized skid base substructure. Also, this land rig was designed with the rotary table, rotary table drive, hydraulic catheads unitized to the drill floor, minimizing the time to move the rig.

Compare Rocket Rig vs. Box Rocket

Parameter Rocket Rig Box Rocket
Sub Width [ft] 29’-10” 54’-10”
Sub Length [ft] 71’-6” 60’-0”
Drill Floor Width [ft] 18’-10” 18’-4½”
Drill Floor Length [ft] 22’-8” 34’-0”
Drawworks Location Ground Drill Floor
# of Truck Loads for Sub & Drill Floor 8 9

Rocket Rig Demo Video

Fast Land Rig Design Features

  • This land rig design features ground level horizontal assembly for the entire rig mast, substructure and rig floor.
  • Raise the rig mast of this land rig and the entire rig floor to the working height in a single shot with the “Dog-Tail” raising system.
  • "Dog-Tail" raising system is built in to the substructure with hydraulic winches, sheaves and wire lines. The raising system stays inside the substructure during the rig move.
  • The drilling rig mast lifting line (bull line) is straight from pin to pin without stringing through break-over sheaves.
  • All drilling rig mast pedestals are under the rig floor inside the substructure near ground level for better stability and less vibration at the rig floor.
  • Rig Floor structure will allow customer to integrate drilling equipment i.e. rotary table, driller console and other rig floor equipment to ease rig-up/rig-down & land rig move.
  • This land rig was designed so the rig mast, rig floor and substructure components are transportation ready without requiring further disassembly.
  • Crown block is designed to position both fast line and dead line outside of the rig mast to provide maximum working space inside the mast.
  • The mast top section is designed to unitize the crown block, traveling block and top-drive for transportation in one component during rig move.
  • A hydraulic powered wire spooler with hi-torque motor can help string up the drill line quickly and safely.
  • Rig mast includes a built-in guide rail to accommodate customer’s traveling block and Top-drive (Varco TDS-11SA)
  • Drawworks support is at truck bed height from the ground at the rear of the substructure to allow for easy rig-up.
  • This land rig's drilling floor dimensions are 34.8' x 19.25' and supports a Varco ST-80 Iron Roughneck. The ST-80 can stay on rig floor during rig move.
  • Provision for hydraulic leveling jacks at each mast leg above the rig floor.

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Drill even faster with the Rocket Rig & Rig Walker

The Rig Walker, our rig skidding system, is designed to move any rig in 8 directions with no rig down. If fitted with our rig skidding system, the Rig Walker, your Rocket Rig will be Texas Two-Steppin’ all the way to the drilling hole. The Rocket Rig & Rig Walker package enabled DeSoto Drilling for Southwestern Energy to set new records - drilling a 5-well pad in 34 days.

Want to set new drilling records? Learn more about the Rig Walker, our Rig Skidding System. Contact us for a quote today for a fast land rig and rig skidding system package.