Drilling Rig Mast and Substructures for the Oil & Gas Industry

Based out of Houston, Texas, Veristic provides design and fabrication of oil and gas drilling rig equipment and structures. We specialize in designing and manufacturing drilling rig masts, substructures, and equipment. Our two most acclaimed products include the fast, portable, and safe Rocket Rig and our rig skidding system, the Rig Walker.

Our Rig Skidding System Moves Your Rig to the Next Hole with No Rig Down

Veristic proudly presents the Rig Walker, a hydraulic machine that lifts and moves a fully-assembled rig to nearby wells. With a 2.4 million pound lift capacity, our rig skidding system - the Rig Walker - allows the user the ability to not only skid the rig in 8 directions, but also transport full stands of setback. Our drilling rig skidding system walks your rig 40 feet in 1 hour eliminating the need for other contractors to assist with the rig move. No rig down means less wear on the structure, less time to relocate the land rig, and more time spent drilling.

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Drill Multiple Well Pads with the Patented Rocket Rig

The Rocket Rig is a compact and simple system that uses a straight bull line to eliminate reaving. Proven to perform on multiple well pads and drill extended reach wells, the Rocket Rig is an oil field tough drilling rig.

Veristic's fast moving land rig was designed with drilling contractors and rig movers in mind by simplifying the out of date rig-up process, thus making the Rocket Rig easy to transport and operate. The components of the Rocket Rig are consolidated and unitized to make it a fast moving land rig that can be transported in as few as 12 truckloads. For example, the drilling rig mast was designed with the guide track built into the mast stem. Once the fast moving land rig is assembled, the drilling rig mast and drill floor are raised simultaneously in a single shot.

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Other Drilling Rig Equipment

Our other products include B.O.P. handler and transporter systems, offshore rigs, racking board solutions, crown blocks, traveling equipment, pipe racking system service platforms, and more.

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